Most entrepreneurs are subject matter experts that work ‘in’ their business not ‘on’ their business. Successful selling requires a sales strategy. Entrepreneurs tend to think of a business plan as a sales strategy…this would be a mistake. So entrepreneurs tend to be incredibly ‘busy’ trying to run and grow their business at the same time. They also are typically strapped for cash and tend to do everything themselves. This leads to a myopic view of the customer world around them as they struggle to keep up with everything. Entrepreneurs also are typically controlling personality types so they try to do everything themselves. This is one reason why the Simply Successful partnering program is so important to their success.

When an entrepreneur hires Simply Successful they learn how to be ‘productive’ when it comes to growing their business (not just busily going about the mostly unpleasant task of finding new customers).

Successful selling has an incredible number of moving parts. If you are not process oriented (entrepreneurs tend to be ready, fire, aim folks), you can end up with too few suspects or too many poor quality prospects. Simply Successful helps connect these dots (or more appropriately put the pieces of the puzzle together in an orderly way)

Selling is the lifeblood of an organization but most entrepreneurs are either too busy to sell effectively or are ill equipped from an experience and skills standpoint to close the sales with the prospects that they  meet. They need to better understand how to communicate the value of their product or service to the prospect in order to be successful.

Bill Prenatt helps entrepreneurs and family businesses enjoy more success in their endeavors. Bill has enjoyed success himself, with over 40 years of experience in sales, sales management, sales training and purchasing.

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