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Why Simply Successful:  We relentlessly pursue sales excellence

Simply Successful was founded by co-owners Ann and Bill Prenatt in August 2007.  Since that time, Ann and Bill have been joined by Marilyn Leong, Marketing Coordinator and Steve Smart, Media and Marketing Manager. The group has collective experience in Sales, Marketing, Media, Sales Management and Leadership, Purchasing, Sales Training and Development, and Management & Leadership in H.R.

What We Do

Simply Successful specializes in low and no cost growth solutions for entrepreneurs and family businesses.  We partner with other organizations that have similar target markets but are not competitors to provide a collaborative marketing experience.  Utilizing the synergy provided by our partners, you no longer have to do things alone.  Our Experts 4 Entrepreneurs partners and events pages will explain our 'fusion marketing' program in greater detail and introduce you to all that our partners have to offer.

How We Do It

We roll up our sleeves, engage in your business, connect you and your team with valuable resources, and improve profitability by growing top line sales results.  Our unique approach to 'fusion marketing' brings a large business strategy to the entrepreneur and family business through a mutually beneficial cooperative effort of all parties. 

What's In It For You

Our experience and talent coupled with our resource partners positions you to make more money, save time, reduce business risk, and stress levels with an affordable investment. 

We have a library of information available on the web site that is free because we believe in you and your mission.  If you are not sure if you need help, check out the page where do you stand.  You can learn more about your ability to grow sales and receive a free gift when you leave your mailing address. 

We are committed to your success! 


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