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Success in business is a journey not a sprint!  The problem is that we don’t know what we don’t know.

In simple terms, Entrepreneurs and family businesses have to run, grow, consistently improve processes, and eventually attract, retain, and develop talent.  In short, the more successful a business becomes, the greater the risk of failing.

We believe that “success is the enemy of progress.” As we prove ourselves capable by making money and achieving our goals in an endeavor, six circumstances (or a combination of circumstances) can predictably ruin our progress:

1) We create a ‘comfort zone’ or false sense of accomplishment and we stop adapting, adapting, adapting, and adapting again and again.

2) We work in the moment and inadvertently fail to ‘shift gears’ and invest our time, talent, and treasure in the future as we expand and grow.

3) We develop foolish pride and are either unwilling or unable to seek help from people that have experienced success and defeat and can anticipate issues rather than constantly doing things over.

4) We start believing our own press.  We trick ourselves into believing that we are more talented fundamentally than our experience and expertise supports.

5) We lose sight of the reasons why we were successful to begin with and change some fundamentally important ingredient without thinking the consequences through.

6) We under react to new competition not realizing that other people are constantly looking for ways to improve upon the product or service that has been so successful for you.

Simple answers are not a panacea to complex issues.  Simply Successful relies on the wisdom of others + our own experience to provide the most up to date solutions to grow.   Our ideas are developed through our own imperfect and unique lens.  They represent a snapshot of a moment in time.

Simply Successful is committed to three basic business principles:

1) There are ‘time tested’ and proven universal best practices that do not need to be reinvented.  Updated…improved upon, perhaps.  Build a solid foundation on these principles.

2) Know who (specifically) your product or service is targeted to, whether your product or service is best sold providing value or price, what the message is and how to best deliver the message to your target audience.

3) Anticipate change and don’t even attempt to keep up.  Think in terms of quantum leap not small incremental changes that are insignificant or will easily be duplicated by the competition. Don’t ride the wave of change, create the tsunami!

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