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 Be a First Mover:  Act Now and Beat the Competition

Our economy is developing in the direction of a service economy. In Harry Beckwith's book, Selling the Invisible, eight out of ten Americans work in service companies. While the internet has decreased transaction cost and offers customer convenience, it also tends to erode a sense of personal customer connection.  Helped by information technology, we are seeing two mega trends evolving called "product servitization"  and "commodization".   As the playing field gets leveled and the unique aspects of products become blurred, brands rely more and more upon the service aspect of their products to provide a unique point of difference from the competition.  Successful businesses will strike a balance between capiitalizing on the strengths of the web while meeting customer expectations of convenience and service.  

The "New" Service Economy: Latest Tools and Techniques

How do these mega trends affect entrepreneurs and family businesses?  Long story short, our customers are more conscious of making value oriented decisions.  It is short sighted to provide greater value by reducing prices and margins.  Instead we need to learn to better understand what is important to our customers and exceed their expectations.  With everything that we have to do today to run a business, how do we keep up?  Simply Successful's Bright ideas are designed to provide additional value to our customers. 

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