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20-Dec-2012 20-Dec-2012

8 am - 12 Noon

AAIMEA - Building Committment and Accountability

Location: AAIMEA Business Offices

Contact: Margarite Fite


Building Commitment & Accountability

Event Type: Public Education
Category: Professional Development

Leaders in organizations frequently speak about creating a culture of 'accountability'. But what is 'accountability'? Why is it important and what does it look like in a high performance organization? In this seminar, managers and leaders will learn the components of accountability and how they can both build and be part of a culture of accountability.
At the end of this class you will be able to:
• describe the three major components of accountability.
• create clear agreements with others that promote accountability.
• use the 'language' of accountability to discuss projects and performance.
• use techniques and strategies that empower others to take ownership of projects.
• identify strategies for implementing accountability in your own workgroup.
Topics that will be covered:
• The Definition of Accountability
• The Language of Accountability
• Making Clear Agreements
• Do's and Don't's of Empowering Others
• Overcoming Barriers to Success - Meeting Project Challenges
• Holding Others Accountable
• Guidelines for Reviewing Results
• Action Planning
Who should attend:
Managers, supervisors, team leads, and project leaders.
Goal Setting, Leadership Communication, Motivating Others, Performance Management
HRCI Accreditation:
Recertification Credit Hours Awarded: 3.75
Specified Credit Hours:Specified - Strategic Business

Member Cost: $225    NonMember Cost: $305
Register 15 or more days before the program and receive a $30 discount.


Ron Noll is a nationally recognized trainer, seminar leader and speaker who uses extensive real-life experiences, strong group facilitation skills, and an enthusiastic, engaging style to ensure a positive learning experience for his learners. As an educator, trainer, manager, and consultant, Ron has worked for over 35 years helping thousands of supervisors and managers learn better ways to take charge, get the job done, and build more productive relationships.
Ron holds an undergraduate degree in Education and advanced degree in Management. He is a seasoned human resources, customer service, and quality manager. He possesses excellent communication and organizational skills along with proven problem-solving and leadership abilities. He designs and presents top-quality training programs on management, customer service and communication skills at all levels in an organization.

Registration Link:

Business, Education, Networking, Small Business Owners

1600 S. Brentwood Blvd St. Louis MO 63144

14-Jun-2012 14-Jun-2012

8 am - 4:30 pm

AAIMEA 90 Days to Success-6 Day Course

Location: AAIMEA Business Offices



 90 Days to Success

Making the jump from individual contributor to supervisor is one of the toughest career challenges an employee can face. It requires a new mindset and new skills. New supervisors no longer focus only on their personal workload – they need to know how to lead their teams to maximum productivity.

90 Days to Success is a rigorous program designed to teach the skills a new supervisor needs to be successful. A combination of classroom training, computer-based instruction, on-the-job assignments and coaching, the course is a comprehensive approach to teaching the skills an employee needs to be an effective supervisor. Our goal is to help new supervisors master the required skills right away and avoid months of trial and error, mistakes, missed opportunities and possible career derailment.

The program covers the following skill areas –

Day 1 - Your Organizational & Leadership Role:
• Leadership expectations of you as a supervisor
• Your team's expectations
• Role & responsibilities
• Establishing & aligning goals and objectives
• Your biggest transitional challenges
• Styles of leadership
• Opportunities for short & long-range team improvement
• Post Work - goal alignment meeting with your supervisor
• Pre-Work for Day 2 - Completing Insight Inventory assessment

Day 2 - Communication and Your Personal Style:
• Communication models and assumptions
• Your communication style
• Recognizing the styles of others
• Listening skills
• The power of non-verbal communication
• Communicating with your manager
• The importance of communication flexibility
• Pre-Work for Day 3 - Coaching worksheet & project identification

Day 3 - Coaching and Managing Performance:
• The definition of coaching
• Identifying coaching 'targets'
• The Coaching 'continuum'
• Assessing coaching needs
• Conducting coaching conversations
• Progressive discipline & documentation
• Formal coaching strategies
• Post-Work - Develop a coaching plan
• Per-work for Day 4 - Reading on performance appraisals

Day 4 (a.m.) - Coaching and Managing Performance:
• Discussion of coaching plans
• Performance appraisals as formal coaching tools
• Tips & techniques for preparing, writing & conducting appraisals
• Setting better performance goals

Day 4 (p.m.) - Dealing with Trouble:
• Defusing negative behavior
• Recognizing the sources of conflict and the Conflict Cycle
• The 'Management of Differences' Inventory
• Seven Step Conflict Resolution Process
• Post-work - Identify possible problem performance to discus on Day 5

Day 5 - Problem Solving, Decision Making, Conducting Meetings, Change:
• The five steps to solving problems - DMAIC model
• Decision-making strategies
• Preparing for productive and effective meetings
• Facilitating effective meetings
• Communicating change initiatives
• Creating commitment to change

Day 6 - Behavioral Interviewing & Personal Productivity:
• The Behavioral Interviewing process
• Writing effective interview questions
• Conducting a professional and productive interview
• Personal productivity principles
• Identifying time challenges
• Effectively utilizing delegation
• Manageing inboxes - real and electronic
• Organizing your actions and your workspace

Participants will complete computer-based training
on the following subjects:
• Financial Statements for Non-Financial Professionals
• Diversity on the Job
• Supervisor and Manager Sexual Harassment Awareness: Multi-State Edition
• Pursuing Successful Lifelong Learning
• Improving Your Emotional Intelligence Skills: Self-Awareness and Self-Management

The program consists of six (6) days of classroom training spaced over 90 days, approximately six hours of computer-based instruction, two hours of coaching and pre-and post class assignments.

Who should attend:
Newly hired or promoted supervisors, managers/supervisors with limited previous training.

Interpersonal Communications, Interpersonal Skills, Decision Making, Business Acumen, Organization, Priority Setting, Problem Solving, Performance Management, Team Management, Developing Others, Conflict Management, Motivating Others, Coaching, Diversity Awareness

Duration: Six days – 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Session: June 14 - June 28 - July 12 - July 26 - Aug. 9 & Aug. 23
Session: Aug. 10 - Aug. 24 - Sept. 7 - Sept. 21 - Oct. 5 & Oct. 19
Session: Oct. 11 - Oct. 25 - Nov. 1 - Nov. 15 - Nov. 29 & Dec. 13

Member Cost: $2200    NonMember Cost: $3000
Register 15 or more days before the program and receive a $30 discount.

Click "Register" next to the appropriate session date.

Business, Education, Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurs, Networking, Small Business Owners

12419 Dawn Hill Dr St Louis Missouri 63043

28-Aug-2012 28-Aug-2012

8 am - 12 noon

AAIMEA Active Listening

Location: AAIMEA Business Offices



Active Listening

Does your mind ever wander while others are talking to you? We spend countless hours of our working lives in listening-related activities; however, studies show we retain only 25% of what we hear! Learn to eliminate your own listening barriers and bad habits, and do a better job of listening.

At the end of this class you will be able to:

• recognize the impact of your personal listening style.
• eliminate the listening barriers and turn-offs that hamper communication.
• manage daily interruptions that cause you to lose focus.
• redirect your “I'm bored” behavior.
• make others feel important by listening carefully to what they say.
• listen accurately using The Four-Step Listening Process.

Topics that will be covered:
• “Did You Hear What I Said . . . Or Did You Hear What You Were Thinking?”
• Why Listening Actively Is Difficult (Hearing Barriers vs. Self-Barriers)
• Bad Listening Habits We Do Unconsciously
• Training Your Brain to Listen With Comprehension and Recall
• Verbal and Nonverbal Techniques to Let the Speaker Know You Are Really Listening
• The Four-Step Listening Process

Who should attend:
Individuals who wish to improve their ability to understand and communicate with others.

Interpersonal Communication

Member Cost: $225 NonMember Cost: $305
Register 15 or more days before the program and receive a $30 discount.

Click "Register" next to the appropriate date

Business, Education, Networking, Small Business Owners, Women in Business

1600 S. Brentwood Blvd St Louis Missouri 63144

6-Dec-2012 6-Dec-2012

8 am - 4:30 pm

AAIMEA Finance For The Non-Financial Manager

Location: AAIMEA Business Offices

Contact: Margarite Fite


Finance for the Non-Financial Manager

Event Type: Public Education
Category: Professional Development

Finance, accounting and money - these make up the language of business. Knowing how your organization makes money, having a working knowledge of financial statements, and being conversant with financial terms are all necessary skills for effective business management, regardless of the organization's type or size. This interactive workshop will make you comfortable with financial concepts and help you use financial information to make informed decisions.

At the end of this class you will be able to:
• identify, read and use the three main financial statements.
• focus on the numbers that really matter in reports and on financial statements.
• explain the difference between profit and cash.
• present reports and plans in solid financial terms.
• address problems and opportunities more effectively by identifying key financial drivers and results.
• use break-even analysis and forecasting in managing your operation.

Topics that will be covered:
• The financial terms your business vocabulary must include
• The Balance Sheet
• The Income Statement
• The Cash Flow Statement
• Ratios and benchmarks
• Break-even Analysis and Cost/Benefit Analysis

Who should attend:
Managers who wish to increase their ability to assess business situations and control outcomes; Professionals involved in project management, budgeting, and/or forecasting.
Business Acumen, Decision Making, Planning
HRCI Accreditation:
Recertification Credit Hours Awarded: 7.5
Specified Credit Hours:Specified - Strategic Business
Member Cost: $325    NonMember Cost: $405
Register 15 or more days before the program and receive a $30 discount.

Bill Collier is a long-time entrepreneur turned business coach, professional speaker and author. In addition to owning and running a small manufacturing business, he is the St. Louis region’s authorized coach for The Great Game of Business. Bill started his career in the US Air Force and spent 9 years at GE before starting his first company. His ‘real-life’ experience makes his training classes relevant and realistic. Bill is the author of the Amazon best-selling book, "How to Succeed as a Small Business Owner ... and Still Have a Life."

Registration Link:

Business, Education, Networking, Finance

26-Sep-2012 26-Sep-2012

8 am - 4:30 pm

AAIMEA Motivation and Engagement Strategies

Location: AAIMEA Business Offices



Motivation & Engagement Strategies

Leaders are tasked with ‘motivating’ people and building engagement, but doing so can be difficult. In this workshop we’ll identify the factors that affect employee performance in the 21st century workplace and how you can impact it. You will learn ways to help build engagement in your employees as well as leadership styles that can influence motivation and build positive behaviors. In this workshop emphasis will be placed on understanding the three essential elements of motivation and how it affects performance and employee development.

At the end of this class you will be able to:
• identify seven reasons why “carrot-and-stick” motivation doesn’t work.
• recognize the three essential elements of motivation in today’s workforce.
• develop strategies and tactics for developing engagement and building positive behaviors.
• define actions leaders can take to support motivation and engagement.
• identify metrics that measure the results of engagement.
• apply leadership styles that can influence employee motivation and engagement

Topics that will be covered:
• Successful Performance Equation
• Upgrading How We Motivate
• The Need for Autonomy
• Making Progress at Work
• Making a Contribution
• Being Part of a Cause
• Why Engagement Matters and What it Drives
• Developing Engaging Leaders

Who should attend:
Managers and leaders who want to learn new ways to increase employees’ motivation and engagement in their jobs.

Motivating & Engaging Others

HRCI Accreditation:
Recertification Credit Hours Awarded: 7.5
Specified Credit Hours: General

AAIMEA Business Offices

Duration: Full-day – 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Member Cost: $325 NonMember Cost: $405
Register 15 or more days before the program and receive a $30 discount.

Click "Register" next to the appropriate date.   

Business, Education, Networking, Management, Leadership

12419 Dawn Hill Dr St Louis Missouri 63043

14-Aug-2012 14-Aug-2012

8 am - 4:30 pm

AAIMEA Problem Solving and Decision Making

Location: AAIMEA Business Offices



Problem Solving & Decision Making

Problem solving is an everyday workplace activity - whether for yourself, other individuals, your work group or for the enterprise. The techniques presented in this class will equip you with a robust standard methodology for solving problems that range in scope from technical/production to administrative/office related issues. You will learn a systematic process designed to enable understanding a problem, resolving it and taking steps to prevent the same or similar problems from recurring.

At the end of this class you will be able to:
• Organize information and data to clearly identify the problem.
• Prioritize and isolate problem root causes.
• Develop alternate solutions and select a proposed solution.
• Implement then verify and validate problem solutions.

Topics that will be covered:
• Defining the problem and measuring the effect
• Prioritizing to identify and isolate root causes
• Developing alternatives and choosing corrective action
• Implementing corrective actions
• Monitoring to prevent recurrence

Who should attend:
Individuals who participate in projects or teams who are asked to resolve problems. Team leaders who want to teach team members a disciplined strategy for identifying and resolving problems.

Problem Solving, Decision Making, Project Management

AAIMEA Business Offices

Duration: Full-day – 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Member Cost: $325 NonMember Cost: $405
Register 15 or more days before the program and receive a $30 discount.

Click "Register" next to the appropriate date.

Business, Education, Networking, Small Business Owners, Women in Business

1600 S. Brentwood Blvd. St Louis Missouri 63144

19-Jul-2012 19-Jul-2012

8 am - 4:30 pm

AAIMEA Stress Management

Location: AAIMEA Business Offices



Stress Management

High demand work environments take a toll on employees, thereby affecting an organization’s productivity, turnover, absenteeism, and healthcare costs. This program will provide you with tools to cope with personal and work stress and become more resilient to demands. This class is not just for the “stressed-out” but for anyone interested in functioning at a higher level mentally, physically and emotionally.

At the end of this class you will be able to:
• identify your warning system for stress.
• manage workplace and personal stressors.
• use self-management tools to alleviate mental, physical, and emotional depletion and improve work performance.

Topics that will be covered:
• Stress Management Model
• SRI–Warning System Assessment
• Emotional Drain and Performance
• Staying Centered and Focused Tips
• Deep Relaxation Exercise
• Physical Tension and Energy
• Mental Resiliency and Positive Attitude
• Deflecting Workplace Negativity
• Quantity and Quality of Sleep Checklist
• Taking Action at Home and Work

Who should attend:
Individuals seeking tools to help manage personal and
workplace stress and leaders seeking to better understand occupational stress and what can be done to alleviate its impact.

Personal Flexibility

Member Cost: $325 NonMember Cost: $405
Register 15 or more days before the program and receive a $30 discount.

Click to "Register"

Business, Education, Management, Networking, Small Business Owners

12419 Dawn Hill Dr St Louis Missouri 63043

10-Aug-2012 10-Aug-2012

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

eWomenNetwork "Accelerated Networking" Luncheon How to get your Business our of the ER

Location: Greenbriar Hills CC

Contact: Danelle Brown


eWomenNetwork "Accelerated Networking" Luncheon
Prosper with Preventative Law: How to get your business out of the E.R.

Business attorney Maureen Miller will give an inspiring, thought provoking and informative presentation and will answer some of your burning questions in this fast paced and demanding economic time. Maureen advises successful business owners, entrepreneurs, directors and senior executives regarding business, tax and transactional challenges. Design strategic plans and negotiate effective agreements for growing businesses to manage risk, avoid litigation, secure capital and establish powerful proactive agreements among key players. Attendees will receive her 2012 Risk Management Triangle FREE, custom designed for the protection of business owners!

At this powerful event you'll learn:

  • What can I do to avoid TRIAGE law, which is the norm, and move into PREVENTATIVE law?
  • How and when do I select the right professional team to support my business for its current and future needs?
  • How can I protect my business and personal assets in this unpredictable economy?

Maureen Miller
Maureen empowers and protects successful entrepreneurs, business owners, directors and senior executives with experience in complex legal represention for over 20 years. She seamlessly leverages her unique professional experience as in house counsel, public tax accountant and senior business transactional tax attorney to wisely and effectively guide clients.

Facilitated by
Danelle Brown
Managing Director
for Greater St. Louis
You have the opportunity to display your products and services at the event:

A limited number of display tables are available to showcase or sell your products and services. The fee is $65.00 for nonmembers and $45.00for eWN Members, nonrefundable. The display table fee is in addition to the registration fee.

Date Friday, August 10, 2012
Time 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM (Doors open and informal networking begins at 11:00 AM)

$38.00 for eWN Member

$58.00 for all late registrations beginning 08/06/2012.

$65.00 for eWN Member

Facilitator's Information
Danelle Brown
(618) 530-7166

Small Business, Networking, Education, Women in Business,

12665 Big Bend Blvd Kirkwood Missouri 63122

14-Dec-2012 14-Dec-2012

11 am - 2 pm

National Speakers Association St. Louis Chapter

Location: Webster Groves MO



National Speakers Association St. Louis Chapter

National Speakers Association St. Louis Chapter
Friday, December 14, 2012 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Webster Groves, MO

Do your programs keep your audience absolutely engaged and excited the entire time?
Imagine this – You are in a small room, and are sitting right in from of one of the most innovative and cutting edge leaders of innovative meetings teaching you his secrets…
He pulls back the curten, and revelas how to make your programs incredible engaing and dyanmic, with completely out of the box thinking and sollutions that you can really implement?
Brian Walter is THE guy the big guys call, when the want to bring new life into their meetings and programs.

Verbal Ping Pong: How to Create and Deliver an Elevator Speech So that People Actually Want You to Keep Talking
Every week, you and every other NSA member are repeatedly asked the single most opportunity-laden and awkward open-ended question you ever receive in your professional life: “What do you do?”

What comes out of your mouth determines if you’ll be perceived as an interesting expert worthy of follow-up or referral (“Hey, give me your card”)…or as one step above a rabid Amway salesperson (“Oh…look at the time, gotta go”).

In Brian Walter’s Verbal Ping Pong™ session you’ll discover a completely contrarian approach to crafting your elevator speech. His powerful three-part formula will make your elevator speech compelling, memorable and truly conversational. You’ll be so prepared that you’ll never stress about how to answer THE QUESTION again. Don’t miss his presentation that has already been featured at two NSA Conventions.

Brian Walter, CSP, is a communication consultant and corporate humorist with Extreme Meetings. His clients include Microsoft, Payless, Verizon, T-Mobile, Univar, Genentech, several banks that apparently weren’t Too Big to Fail, and a dairy coop that makes awesome chocolate milk. He is a 15-year member of NSA and a past chapter president. He was the 2011-2012 Voices of Experience audio program producer.

28-Jun-2012 28-Jun-2012

1 pm ET 12 pm CT

SCORE Webinar Fund a Business without Ruining Your Credit

Location: Internet



LIVE Webinar:
Fund a Business without Ruining Your Credit

New and existing business owners will be given strategies and tools to help navigate the funding and credit needs of their business while protecting their personal credit and assets.
By attending the webinar, you will take away:
    • 4 secrets every business owner should know about business funding
    • Strategies that result in 2-3 times the amount of personally secured credit presently available to your business
    • Alternative cash funding solutions for your business
    • Proven ways to make your business more fundable
    • Strategies to avoid damaging your personal credit
Learn How to Fund your Business.
Register Now!

Business, Education, Entrepreneurs, Finance, Webinar

12419 Dawn Hill Dr St Louis Missouri 63043

10-Jul-2012 11-Jul-2012

Program starts @ 8 am each day

Social Media Intensive

Location: Webinar

Contact: Karen Fox


6 Social Media Experts Share their expertise on Social Media

For info on signing up go to:   

Karen Fox -- Ferris Wheel of Facebook
This segment covers:
* Am I wasting my time on Facebook 
* Is there any way to determine the ROI on Facebook
* Why don’t more people “LIKE” my page
* Oh no, 3 new features on Facebook… what now and how do I use them?
* How to share the RIGHT content for more ENGAGEMENT…

Josh Turner:  How Successful Businesses Are Generating Tons of Leads with LinkedIn
This segment will cover:

*The difference between those who are wasting time on LinkedIn, and the successful businesses who are generating consistent leads from their LinkedIn marketing activities.*
*How to design a successful LinkedIn campaign for any size business.
*Why you need to be thinking of your LinkedIn campaign as a platform or asset.
*The 3 cornerstones to any successful LinkedIn campaign.
*How to develop permission assets within LinkedIn.
*How to build, maintain and nurture valuable communities on LinkedIn.

Darlene Hull:The Nine Twitter Mistakes That Block Clients and Cash Flow!
This segment will cover:

*The number one tool that will save hours of time while expanding your business to new heights.
*The two updates that always get people sharing your posts and expanding your network
*The secret to having your fans tell you what they want and how to sell it.

Terry Brock: How to using Blogging to get and keep delighted customers: Success for businesses from 1 person to Fortune 10.
This segment will cover:

*What works with businesses from one person sole proprietors to Fortune 10 companies.
*Why blogging is one of the best, least expensive tools to generate business — if it is done right.
*How Skype leverages social media to amplify your work.

Aaron Corson: Putting the Pieces Together: Using Social Media to Attract Visitors to Your Website & Generate Qualified Leads
This segment will cover

*What Your TRUE Objectives for Using Social Media Are
*How to Attract More Visitors to Your Website with Social Media
*What is Inbound Marketing & How Does It Work?
*The Key Element That Ties All of Your Online Marketing Together
*3 Things Your Website Needs to Convert Visitors to Leads
*7 Steps to Consistently Generate Qualified Online Leads

Monica McPherrin: Pinterest Power
This segment will cover:

*What is Pinterest & how does it work?
*How to use Pinterest to promote your business and get more exposure
*Strategies to drive more traffic to your site
*How Pinning can improve your SEO

Webinar, Business, Education, Social Media

12419 Dawn Hill Dr St Louis Missouri 63043

29-Mar-2012 29-Mar-2012

7:30 am - 9 am

St. Louis Business Journal Presents "Insights into the Mind of a Hacker"

Location: Missouri History Museum



This event offers insight into the number one way hackers get in - social engineering, also known as "hacking the human." Featured speakers:

Dave Chronister, Professional Hacker and Managing Partner at Parameter Security
Brian Houghlin, Sr. VP, Executive Risk at Huntleigh McGehee

In 60 minutes, you will discover:

  • what exactly social engineering is
  • the most common social engineering attacks used
  • why these hacks are so successful
  • how to recognize social engineering
  • what to do if your organization is the victim of social engineering
  • how to mitigate risk after the fact
  • ways to protect your organization against social engineering

Missouri History Museum
Lindell & DeBaliviere in Forest Park

Admission is complimentary but reservations are requested by March 23.

Register now:

Business, Small Business, Networking, Entrepreneurs, Women in Business, Social Media

Lindell & DeBaliviere Blvd. St Louis Missouri

15-Feb-2012 15-Feb-2012

11 am - 1 pm

Top Women Business Owner Luncheon

Location: Hilton Frontenac



Top Women Business Owners Luncheon, Feb. 15, 2012

CELEBRATE ST. LOUIS' TOP WOMEN BUSINESS OWNERS Wednesday, February 15, 11am-1pm, Hilton St. Louis Frontenac Hotel (1335 South Lindbergh Blvd).

This is your chance to meet and have lunch with St. Louis' Top Women Business Owners and learn what it takes to become one of the Best. Each year SBM highlights the area's top women-owned companies. We've profiled more than 260 over the past 19 years. Now, we're bringing them all together for one luncheon. Meet and have lunch with the area's top women business owners and learn how they became some of the most successful entrepreneurs in St. Louis.

Keynote speaker Susan Elliott The event is sponsored by: RubinBrown, Charter Business, UnitedHealthcare and Winning Technologies Schedule 11:00 to 11:30 – Networking 11:30 to 1:00 – Keynote Speaker Tickets are $50. Tables are $500. 

Register at:

Business, Networking, Small Business Owners, Women in Business

12419 Dawn Hill Dr St Louis Missouri 63043

14-Feb-2012 14-Feb-2012

7:30 am - 9 am

Yellow Tie - Coffee & Handshakes Business Networking Before Hours

Location: University of Phoenix

Contact: Scott Levine


Join us as we kick off 2012 at the offices of one of the most versatile, entrepreneurial-focused professional service firms in town.

With operations in St. Louis (our home) and Chicago, AEGIS Professional Services offers integrated professional legal and consulting services to emerging and established businesses throughout the United States. Like our clients, we are driven by a fierce entrepreneurial spirit that is exemplified by our willingness to place ourselves behind the opportunities and risks within our clients’ businesses.

And it's that fierce spirit that has helped us expand in 2011 and positioned us to add several people to our team for 2012 and beyond. If you are a seasoned management consultant looking to expand your practice or are a business-development professional longing for a new and dynamic opportunity to feed your entrepreneurial spirit, please contact me at AEGIS might provide exactly the team environment you seek.

Questions?  Contact Scott Levine at 314-454-9100.

Registration Link:

Networking, Business,

12419 Dawn Hill Dr St Louis Missouri 63043

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