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Bright Ideas =Manage Resources & Lead People: Becoming More Productive

 There are a remarkable number of available tools designed to make us more productive.  Eventually time catches up with us and we start to make choices about what to do (or worse yet, we make unconscious decisions about what not to do).  In order to make real progress in our productivity (return on time spent), we have to multiply ourselves through the utilization of other people.
In the early stages of the devleopment of an entrepreneur or family business, we utilize we outsource expertise that we don't possess or we don't have the time to do ourselves.  As our companiy grows, we bgin to add people into our business. 
How well we prepare for this additional cost stage of development in business can be a crossroads that leads to success or failure!
Dale Carnegie wrote in his 1993 book The Leader in You, "to survive in the years to come, successful organizations...will have to undergo a profound change.  Their people will have to think quicker, work smarter, dream wilder, and relate to each other in different ways".  These words could not be  more true than they are today!

Be a Better Supervisor

What ingredients make a good supervisor?  The answer is it all depends .  Volumes of  information are available from inexhaustable sources on the best methods to effectively lead people and manage resources.  What direction is best for you? 
We recommend that you pick a style and a system that is comfortable to you and embark on a life long persuit of becoming excellent at getting things done through others.  Stick to proven fundamental principles that you are committed to and surround yourself with people that can be trusted. 
Regardless of the trust that you place in people, it is imperative that a system of checks and balances exist to minimize the temptation to deviate from the desired outcome.  Fior our purposes, we refer to this systematic approach for a supervisor to working with part or full time employees to consistantly play a successful role as 'developing performance'.

Hold People Accountable

Different people have different perspectives on accountability.  As a general rule, we need to clearly define what we expect from people, communicate oiur view of their progress toward the accomplishment of the expectations, and provide for consequences that are commensurate with the behaviors and outcomes.


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