Need Sales Advice

Bright Ideas = Need Sales Advice:  Are you Getting Paid what You are Worth?

When you consider the time and money invested, are you getting the return you deserve?

  • Have you stepped back recently and challenged the vision for your business? 
  • Are you leveling with yourself.  When you look into the mirror of your business, are you in denial about the future?
  • Does the comfort zone or the fear of change have you paralyzed and stuck?

1)  Classic Business Stages:  Pick the One that Fits

  •  Startup

  • Growing but Struggling

  • Mature but having a Plan to Continue to Prosper

  • Insidious Decline

2)  What's Next:  Get Help, Define the Resources Needed

Think Strategically and Act Tactically

Build a Brand

Sell More Effectively

Lead and Acquire Talent

Develop and Deploy Resource

3)  Develop a Plan:  Get on the Road to Improved Results


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