Sell More Effectively

Sell More Effectively 

I.   Wake up call

II.  Spreading yourself too thinly

III. What gets measured gets done

IV. Managing the incredible number of moving parts: Create a selling machine

A. Managing momentum
B. Focus, focus, focus
C. Goals and performance gaps
D. Steps to quality calls
E. Getting new customers
F. Selling and retaining current customers

V.  Secrets to growing sales effectively

A. Preparation, know-how, and momentum
B. Expanding the circle of influence
C. Managing the suspect to prospect process
D. Relationships still matter

VI. Practice, patience, persistence, and passion (coming soon)

A. A lesson on learning
B. Creating good habits
C. Overcoming the comfort zone
D. Continuous improvement
E. Selling yourself and your ideas

VI. Anticipating and managing growing pains (coming soon)

A. Leading and acquiring talent
B. Success is the enemy
C. Investing in people
D. Supervise and hold people accountable

VII.    Selling effectively summary     

Sell More Effectively

I.   Wake Up Call

Business has to grow or die!  Successful selling is a state of mind built on a foundation of proper preparation, passion and productive relationships.  Sustaining growth over time is an essential component of the successful business journey. 

Opportunities for growth have never been better.  The risks of failing to grow and the anxiety over growing have never been greater!

In his 1960 book ‘Think & Grow Rich’, Napoleon Hill  provides us wisdom for the ages about success from the likes of Andrew Carnegie.  The book 'Think & Grow Rich'  revealed the source of riches of another 500 wealthy men.  He spent a lifetime of research in bringing their message to the people in all walks of life that are willing to give their thoughts, ideas, and organized plans in return for riches. 

We recommend that people that are responsible for sales read ‘Think and Grow Rich’ first.

Only a fool would try to reinvent these incredible ideas.

Wherever we can, we have tried to modernize and apply these thoughts and concepts to our web site.  The principles and foundation for applying ‘Think & Grow Rich’ to selling are summarized throughout the web site.

The big picture lens of change will no longer tolerate and reward ‘old school’ imposter order takers.  


II. Spreading Yourself too Thinly 

When we first start a business, we typically have time to spend growing our business because we don't have customer's to satisfy.  We seem to be able to manage these three important elements of business.
Check out our time management tips for the best practices to get the most out of our time investment.

As we successfully attract new customers, our time to sell gets less and less.  We become the victims of a self fulfilling prophecy.  The more successful we become, the less time we have to sell.



More than likely, many different federal, state, and local organizations have played an integral role in getting your business started.   Our first major crossroads often comes when we have to get help because we can’t possibly do it all by ourselves.  We begin to outsource help or we hire a staff to help us.

While we manage by the numbers, we motivate others when we sell and lead by example not by talking and telling.

III. What Gets Measured Gets Done      



Successful selling is a paradox…simple, while at the same time complex. 

 It is clear and easy to know how well we accomplished sales once a time frame has passed.  For knowledgeable responsible individuals, achieving future growth objectives is predictable.  We are often surprised when we don’t hit our sales growth objectives.  If this happens, it’s typically because we haven’t prepared properly for growth.  Growing once is not that difficult…sustaining growth over time is a whole other ball game that requires a different approach.

In its simplest form, selling is a number’s game of finding people who have a need for your product or service, convincing them that they should buy it from you, and then delivering on that promise.

Here are some simple steps to keep you on track:
Budget expenses, investments, and profits and know what minimum amount of sales is necessary for your business to be sustained.  Break the amount into a manageable time sequence, preferably weekly.
Determine your
revenue producing capability.
Project your next 30-60-90 days of sales based on your 
sales funnel of activities
Compare the results in steps # 2 and # 3.  The difference is the gap and will give you a ‘best estimate’ of whether or not your current level of activities is adequate to hit your revenue goals.


Develop a plan to increase the number of suspects and prospects (answers to be uncovered by continuing to follow here)

It is interesting to understand that there are a small number of quantitative activities that require focus in order to sell effectively.  This is what good looks like when it comes to selling effectively:

• Connect more often
• Become better known
• Develop more leads
• Obtain more referrals
• Open more doors/minds
• Increase quality selling time
• Increase the average order size
• Improve the prospect to close ratio
• Close more deals/develop raving fans 

III. Managing the Incredible Number of Moving Parts

A. The Sales Formula

Managing by the numbers is the simple part of successful selling.  In order for us to sell effectively over time, we need to learn to think strategically and act tactically.
Utilizing a systematic approach to selling means balancing how well we invest our time and resources in growing sales.


B. Building & Installing a Selling Machine

Growth over time requires standardization and planning.  For many entrepreneurs and family business, investing time in developing systems is counter intuitive.
Simply Successful believes in systems as one key to effective sales and growth.  We don’t pretend to imply that we have the only specifications that will build a successful selling system.   We do know through experience that a selling system is critical to ‘automating effective selling’.    
Predictable, effective selling is the quality of the activities that we decide to spend our time on x the number of activities in play.

In order to make it easier to understand, digest, and build your own unique quality selling machine, refer to the grow sales page.

The steps to the sale system is one collection of best practices that will lead to improving the quality of selling.  The key is that we have a system that we believe in when we sell ourselves and products and services.

Let’s switch gears and focus on building the quantity of activities that makes the selling machine unique.

IV.   Secrets to Growing Sales Effectively

A. Preparation, Know-How, and Momentum
  • We tend to fly by the ‘seat of our pants’ day to day.  We end up attempting to be ‘all things to all people’.  We need to become focused. 
  • Today we need to be like ‘heat seeking missile’ when it comes to our preparation for effective selling.

  • We need to have a passion for learning.  We need to understand that learning takes time and repetition.



  • Growing sales effectively is a game of managing momentum.  Momentum either works against us or for us. 

    Focus, preparation, and know how combine to provide more activities to the selling machine engine.

B. Expanding the Circle of Influence

By combining an effective marketing and sales plan, we blend and combine the importance of marketing and sales much like the farming process.

Next we need to suspect by systematically identifying our unknown potential and expand our Circle of Influence.

C. Managing the Suspect to Prospect Process

Retaining and growing the customers we have and adding new customers is a challenge that requires a systematic approach.

We keep our company at the ‘top of mind’ and we ‘connect and engage’ with a written plan and a dynamic point of view. 

D. Relationships Still Matter

At the end of the day, selling effectively still relies heavily on relationships.  What’s different is that:
a) We have to provide more meaningful value than in the past for customer loyalty
b) Comparisons are easier and decisions are being made faster.  

By having a ‘selling machine’ system, we are able to focus on the basic principle of salesmanship:  An abiding interest and inspired insight into the needs and wants of people.

By systematizing how we do things, we are in the right place at the right time when people are ready to place orders.

Check out our connect more often and our build lasting relationships pages for additional insight into meeting more people and developing productive relationships.

V. Selling Effectively Summary

Selling has few rules, boundaries, or walls to provide a framework.  Each potential sale has different moving parts because buyer’s have different motivation, needs, and expectations.  People aren’t typically chasing you down to buy from you.  As a salesperson, you have to figure out where your potential customer reside, who to sell, when to sell to them, and how to best get the order. It is easy to postpone spending the appropriate amount of time to sell and grow!

There are literally hundreds of good ideas already available to help people become better at selling.  We do not claim that our ideas are the only or the best way to grow sales.  They represent one view of selling past practices.  We recommend that you take what you can use, discard what you don’t need, but build on our experience.

Our web site is a library of good ideas and best practices that we learned about, applied, tested, and fine tuned over the years with the hundreds of people that we have had the privilege of working with and for.  We have selected the ones that we found produced the best results to share on our web site for our customers.

Talent is something that we have the ability to increase if we are willing to invest ourselves and take responsibility to improve our marketing, communications, selling, process, and planning skills. 

Give yourself a pay increase today!

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